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Founded in 1972 by Dipl.-Ing. Klaus-I. Hölscher the firm is run by Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Hölscher (consulting engineer, member of the Bund Deutscher Bau­meister, registered at the Bayerische Ingenieurekammer-Bau) since 2011 and has been operating successfully in the field of structural engineering for more than 50 years now.

Our services cover engineering (structural analysis and design), building physics (thermal and sound insulation, fire protection) and site support (su­pervision of the implementation, assistance for construction companies). Apart from the realization of new buildings, the modification of existing constructions is also an essential part of our activities (e.g. Allerheiligen-Hofkircheformer HB-MalthouseFarmstead in Lamezia).

Long-standing experience, powerful design and analysis software (e.g. Ne­metschek, Friedrich & Lochner) as well as our internal quality management system allow at any time an efficient and successful planning, in order to achieve a sound project realization, on schedule and with reasonable costs.

If necessary, we can rely on a well-tried staff of freelancers to strengthen our competent team, so that we can also handle projects of a larger scale, like the Rehab-Clinic in Feldberg or the Europa-Forum II in Dornach.

Our office is located in Munich. Though the main area of activity is Bavaria, we also take assignments from all over Germany and other European coun­­tries. We are engaged by private, commercial and public clients.

If you would like to receive an offer for your construction project (without any obligations and free of charge), please send us an eMail with basic in­formation (type and size of the project, requested services). Of course, you can also simply phone in.
We are looking forward for your inquieries.

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