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Allerheiligen-Hofkirche (Court Church)

Location: Munich Residence
Type: remodelling
Description: conversion of the historical church (created by Leo von Klenze in the years 1826 - 1837, severely damaged in World War II and pro- visionally restored under H. Döllgast) into a multi-functional event room.
Size: cubic content: approx. 24.500 m³; floor space: approx. 1.450 m²
Structures: old: brickwork, natural stone;
restoration: brick dome, timber roof truss; reinforced concrete slabs in the basement;
new: reinforced concrete, brickwork, steel, glass
Services: struct. engineering, site support, building physics (fire protection)
Special features: high constructive requirements according to the cultural and histo- rical prominence of the building and its use for events in a repre- sentative setting, especially regarding the design of the steel and steel-glass structures (steel-glass lift, spiral staircase, glass para- pet et. al.)
lowering of ground slabs in the basement (foyer, stairwells, central ventilation station, pump station, floor ducts);
new floor slabs in the ground floor (side aisles), additions to the floor slabs in the galeries;
numerous breakthroughs and slots for the intricate installation of the technical services;
ventilation apertures in the domes; ventilation ducts on steel plat- forms in the attic over the vaults;
special measures to handle the various structural conditions due to the course of construction.
Client: Staatliches Hochbauamt Munich I (Free State of Bavaria)
Architecture: Guggenbichler + Netzer Architekten GmbH
Design of
techn. facilities:
Ing.-Büro Robert Ottitsch (Heizung, Lüftung, Sanitär)
Ing.-Büro G. Duschl (Elektro- u. Fördertechnik)
Digit. survey: Ing.-Büro Josef Linsinger
Construction: Fa. Max Jung GmbH & Co. (concrete, brickwork)
Fa. Heider GmbH (steel)
Fa. Turko GmbH & Co.KG and Fa. Fritz Kübler Metallbau GmbH
(steel and steel-glass, metal)
Allerheiligen-Hofkirche (Court Church)
interior view 19th century by Franz Xaver Nachtmann; © Münchner Stadtmuseum
interior view war ruin; © Bayer. Verwaltung der staatl. Schlösser, Gärten und Seen
interior view today; © Schambeck + Schmitt, Munich
side aisles and gallery
spiral staircase
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