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Location: Lamezia, Italy
Type: reconstruction
Description: restoration of 2 decayed buildings of an 300 years old farmstead (classified historical monument) with serviced patio as headquar- ter of a projected holiday estate.
Size: building I (casa grande):
ground floor, upper floor and attic with approx. 275 m² each;
building II (casa piccola):
ground floor and upper floor with approx. 150 m² each;
cubic content: approx. 4.000 m³ altogether;
patio: approx. 400 m².
Structures: old: rubble masonry, timber beam floors
new: brickwork, reinforced concrete
Services: structural engineering, site support
Special features: replacement of the old timber structures (floors, roof) by ribbed re- inforced concrete slabs with non-bearing hollow brick elements as semi-prefabricated construction according to local practice; joists, columns and stairs in reinforced concrete cast in-situ;
reconditioning of the existing rubble masonry; new brickwork as far as necessary;
erection of a 6.85 m high structured portal wall (reinforced concre- te framework) to create an enclosed patio between the two recon- structed buildings; ground slab with foundations for the projected roofing of the patio with a glass dome;
special measures to handle the various structural conditions due to the course of construction.
Client: G. Mastroianni
Architecture: Architekturbüro Becker & Maier GPH mbH
Construction: local companies
ruin - exterior view; © GPH mbH
ruin - interior view; © GPH mbH
ruin - interior view; © GPH mbH
ruin - detail of the facade; © GPH mbH
reconstruction - front view; © GPH mbH
reconstruction - rear view; © GPH mbH
reconstruction - impressions of the interior; © GPH mbH
reconstruction; © GPH mbH

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