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Former Hofbräu-Malthouse

Location: Innere-Wiener-Straße, Munich-Haidhausen
Type: remodelling
Description: conversion of the former HB-Malthouse (severely damaged by fire, protected as historical building) into an office building
Size: floor space: 3.200 m², cubic content: 37.500 m³;
6 office floors, 2 undergound parking levels
Structures: old: brickwork and oak wood
new: reinforced concrete, steel, brickwork
Services: structural engineering, building physics, site support
Special features: special measures to handle the various structural conditions due to the course of construction;
anchorage of the exterior basement walls while hollowing out the underground levels to create the new parking facilities (foundation level approx. -9,0 m beneath ground level);
support of the klin towers by a grillage of steel girders untill the new reinforced concrete slab was completed.
Client: Bayerische Hausbau GmbH
Architecture: Architekturbüro Becker & Maier GPH mbH
Construction: Heilit+Woerner Bau-AG
conflagration; © Berufsfeuerwehr München
fire damage
front view; © GPH mbH
rear view; © GPH mbH

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