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Munich Residence
We started working for the Munich Residence (represented by the building depart- ment of the Bayer. Verwaltung der staatl. Schlösser, Gärten und Seen) in 1993 with the remodelling of the Triertrakt. Since then we have handled a variety of projects in the Residence.
Project: depot in the Triertrakt
Type: remodelling
Description: placing of a 2-storey depot within the attic of the Triertrakt.
Size: depot area: approx. 1.000 m²
Structures: steel framework with 2 levels, detached from the historic roof structure (house-in-house-construction).
placing of two new reinforced concrete slabs and a new flight of stairs in the adjacent Residence Tower; extension of the existing passenger lift by 1 additional stop.
Services: structural engineering, site support
Special features: preservation of the historical roof structure;
placing of a new floor (wood-timber-structure) above the old, weak hollow block floor, with load transfer to the exterior walls;
special requirements regarding building physics due to the desig- nated utilisation (storage of antique furniture and other historical equipment).
Architecture: Architekturbüro Kraus + Kollegen, Architekturbüro Kirch
Construction: Fa. Max Jung GmbH & Co., Fa. Maurer Söhne GmbH & Co. KG
Project: Puderhöfchen
Type: remodelling
Description: roofing of the so called Puderhöfchen, a triangular inner courtyard with an area of approx. 35 m².
Size: approx. 35 m²
Structures: steel-glass-structure with suspended girders
Services: design and structural analysis, site support
Construction: Roschmann Konstruktionen aus Stahl und Glas GmbH
Project: Allerheiligen-Hofkirche (Court Church)
Type: remodelling
Description: conversion of the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche into an event room.

further information is available here.
Project: Kabinettsgarten (Cabinet Garden)
Type: reconstruction
Description: construction of water basins, stairs and a court wall in the course of restoring the Kabinettsgarten.

further information is available here.
the Residence in the 19th century

steel structure covering the Puderhöfchen



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