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OMV Filling Stations

Location: various places in Bavaria
(e.g. Schongau, Diedorf, Königsbrunn, Bad Wörishofen)
Type: new building
Description: filling stations with single-storey service-area/shop, some of them with basement and adjoining buildings (e.g. car-wash).
Size: cubic content: approx. 800 to approx. 2.200 m³
Structures: roof: trapezoidal sheet metal on steel girders
slabs and extereior walls: reinforced concrete
foundation: reinforced concrete
Services: structural engineering, building physics, site support
special features: in some places soft ground
Client: OMV Deutschland GmbH / Merk GmbH & Co. KG
Architecture: Architekturbüro W. Wülleitner
Construction: Kagerer GmbH & Co. Bau-KG (carcass), et al.

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