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Education Centre Hesselberg

Location: Hesselberg near Wassertrüdingen
Type: remodelling and extension
Description: remodelling and extension of the adult education complex in seve- ral phases for about 20 years.
Size: campus with main and auxiliary buildings, guest & youth houses as well as a new building for seminars and conferences.
Structures: reinforced concrete, brickwork, timber, steel
Services: structural engineering, building physics
Special features: remodelling and extension of existing buildings, partly with exten- sive alterations of the old structures, e.g. the modernisation and heightening of the guest houses; placing of sanitary blocks and lift shafts; special measures to cope with the various structural con- ditions due to the course of construction;
new building for seminars and conferences designed as dissolved reinforced concrete structure; in the top level a spacious, column- free room with diagonally arranged glulam timber trusses.
Client: Evang. Bildungszentrum Hesselberg
Architecture: Architekturbüro Kraus + Kollegen
Construction: K. u. R. Bromm GmbH (concrete, brickwork),
Ernst Hähnlein Bau-GmbH (concrete, brickwork),
Danner Holzbau (timber),
view from the mountain top over the campus of the vhs
new conference building
facade and roof of the conference building
large conference room with glued laminated timber trusses
new conference building

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