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Apartment Building

Location: Bahnstraße, Stockdorf
Type: new building
Description: apartment building with underground garage
Size: basemnet, ground floor, 2 upper floors and attic (gallery);
each floor with approx. 320 m²; 12 apartments;
cubic content: approx. 5.000 m³ (incl. underground garage).
Structures: roof: timber purlin roof
slabs, balconies, stairs: reinforced concrete
walls and columns: brickwork, reinforced concrete
foundation: continuous and individual footings
Services: structural engineering, building physics, site support
Client: Dussmann Wohn- & Gewerbebau GmbH
Architecture: Architekturbüro W. Wülleitner
apartment building Stockdorf
apartment building Stockdorf
apartment building Stockdorf

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