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PFA Partner für Fahrzeugausstattungen

Location: Weiden
Type: new building
Description: construction of new facilities for the conversion, maintenance and fabrication of passenger carriages and locomotives on the site of the former waggon-reparation-plant of the DB;
the central part of the site is a large, column-free production hall, where the waggons can be moved with an air cushion system;
in addition, several administration and service buildings have been erected.
Size: production hall: approx. 72 x 96 m (ca. 6.900 m²);
cubic content: approx. 200.000 m³ altogether
Structures: production hall
roof: steel, 3-chord girders and flat roof segments
columns: reinforced concrete, fixed in sleeve foundations
floor slab: reinforced concrete, centrically pre-stressed
other buildings
mainly reinforced concrete (in-situ and precast)
in some parts also brickwork and steel
Services: structural implementation design
Special features: column-free roofing of the production hall (72 m span)
expandability lengthwise
impact of a 40-tons-waggon as special load condition
floor slab as even, jointless and free of cracks as possible
Client: Planungs- und Produktionsgesellschaft PFA mbH
Architecture: Planungsbüro Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schuck, Munich
Struct. analysis: Ingenieurbüro G. Kuchler, Munich
Techn. facilities: SMW Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Transportation: DELU Deutsche Luftkissentransportsysteme, Nuremberg
Montage der Gurtbinder Werkhalle; © Planungsbüro Peter Schuck, PPS, München
Bewehrung Bodenplatte Werkhalle; © Planungsbüro Peter Schuck, PPS, München
Werkhalle; © Planungsbüro Peter Schuck, PPS, München
Werkhalle; © Planungsbüro Peter Schuck, PPS, München

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