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Villa Lugsee

Location: Kreuzweg, Berg
Type: remodelling
Description: restoration of the attic floor of the Villa Lugsee (classified histori- cal monument);
the mansion that is also known as Villa Hussel and Kastenjakl- Schlössl was built around 1865 in late classicist style;
the bad structural condition of the attic required a complete re- storation with a reconstrution of the roof and a strengthening of the timber beam floor.
Size: attic with approx. 110 m²; cubic content: approx 300 m³
Structures: roof: reconstruction as wooden purlin roof
floor: timber beam floor with additional timber and steel elements
walls and pillars: brickwork
Services: structural engineering, site support
Architecture: Architekturbüro W. Wülleitner
Constuction: Kobus Industrieholz- und Montagebau GmbH
Villa Lugsee; © Kobus Industrieholz- und Montagebau GmbH

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