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Logistics Centre

Location: Plinganserstraße, Munich-Sendling
Type: new building
Description: the logistcs centre consists of a high-bay warehouse with a de- tached office cube; two underground floors (parking garage, plant rooms); tunnel from the warehouse to an adjacent building.
Size: approx. 1.700 m² office area, approx 1.500 m² warehouse area,
more than 100 underground parking spaces;
cubic content: approx. 45.000 m³ altogether.
Structures: precast reinforce concrete members, prefabricated slab elements with in-situ completion, in-situ concrete;
warehouse as frame construction with gas concrete cladding.
Services: structural engineering (without implementation design),
building physics, site support
Special features: high requirements for the slab beneath the high-bay facilities (very small deformations in spite of heavy loads, reinforcement optimi- sed for the the placing of the high-bay racking);
2-storey underground parking garage alongside a existing building without basement;
tunnel (length approx. 60 m) connecting another existing building.
Client: Liegenschaftsverwaltung Plinganserstr. 150 GmbH
Occupant: Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG
Architecture: Zurmöhle Architekten München / Arch.-Büro Maier + Neuberger
Construction: Karl Munte Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG (GU)
Ecolog Logistiksysteme GmbH (Regalbau)
excavation pit; conterminous wall to existing building
warehouse (in front; slab over first undergrund parking level); office cube (behind)
warehouse - mounting of the roof trusses and the gas concrete cladding
office cube
in the rack
in the tunnel

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