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Appartment/Business Building

Location: Kapuzinerplatz, Munich-Isarvorstadt
Type: remodelling
Description: attic upgrade (two levels) in a dominant appartment and business building from the end of the 19. century (classified historical mo- nument); placing of an interior and an exterior lift.
Size: attic with a height of approx. 8 m (ridge);
1. attic floor: about 750 m², 2. attic floor (gallery): about 350 m²;
4 upper floors for residential use, ground level with tavern, brewery in the basement.
Structures: old: brickwork, timber, steel, granite
new: timber, steel, reinforced concrete, brickwork
Services: structural engineering, site support,
building physics (heat insulation, fire protection)
Special features: strengthening of the highest timber beam floor with additional tim- ber and steel elements; remodellimg and strengthening of the ex- isting roof structures; placing of a new timber beam floor over the first attic level (gallery), connected to the roof structure; placing of a new balcony;
massive structures of the new elevators (shaft pit and headroom, machine room); connection of the hoistways to the building;
proof of stability for the building down to the foundations; special measures to handle the various structural conditions due to the course of construction with as little inconveniences as possible for the residents and the tavern.
Client: Bayerische Immobilien AG
Architecture: Bauteam 26 - A. Eichlinger
Design of
techn. facilities:
Ing.-Büro Wolfgang Spiegl GmbH (heating, ventilation, plumbing)
Planungsbüro Hallermeier (electricity)
Sound insulation: Müller BBM
Site supervision: Allnova GmbH
Construction: Fa. Stenger GmbH (timber)
Fa. Straubinger GmbH (concrete, brickwork)
Fa. Jaeger Akustik GmbH & Co. KG (dry construction)
Fa. Metalltechnik Hohlfeld GmbH (metal)
Fa. Vestner GmbH & Co. KG, Fa. Trenkle GmbH (lifts)
apartment and business building at Kapuzinerplatz
before the attic upgrade
roof structure before the attic upgrade
after the attic upgrade
after the attic upgrade - gallery
staircase with interior lift
exterior lift

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